USA Exchange: 7 things I missed from home

It is hard to believe, but I have now been back in Australia for over four weeks. I have not blogged in that time (other than my ridiculous Youtube video) because a lot has been going on in my life. And I may write about that in the future. Maybe. But for now, I want to blog about the things that I missed while I was away in Columbia, South Carolina and am so happy to have back now that I am home… and I am not talking about the boring, predictable stuff like my family and friends. 😉

Classy night out in Brisbane
Classy night out in Brisbane last year

1. Brisbane’s nightlife

Before I went on exchange, I would religiously go out a few nights every week to bars or clubs with friends. It was a time when I should have been saving money for my exchange, but instead, I was blowing it on crazy nights out. I absolutely loved it. And yes, while Columbia has its own nightlife and I went out there as frequently (and it was a lot cheaper!), I got bored with it. Partying in tiny, dirty bars with solely college kids gets a bit repetitive. I really craved the diversity of Brisbane’s nightlife scene – in terms of both the range of bars/clubs and the people.  I also missed getting dressed up, because people in Columbia dress very casually, even for nights out!

2. My wardrobe

Speaking of dressing up, the thing I probably missed the absolute most was my wardrobe. Living out of two suitcases worth of clothes for over five months became frustrating. Yes, I bought a lot of new clothes  (and lingerie from Victoria’s Secret!) while I was away, but it was still very restricting. For one, I have over 70 dresses at home and could only take four on exchange… Need I say more.

3. Cadbury chocolate

American chocolate is absolute crap. I will never, ever understand how anyone can eat Hershey’s. Okay, maybe my wardrobe was not the thing I missed the most… Maybe it was decent chocolate.

My car on the first day I got it four years ago!
My car on the day I got it four years ago!

4. My car

I have never particularly enjoyed driving, so I did not think I would miss this. But surprisingly, it ended up being one of the things I missed the most. Not having my own car for five months felt so restricting and made me feel dependent on other people, which is a feeling I absolutely hate.

5. Public transport

Not only was it tricky being without a car, but the public transport system in Columbia is basically non-existent. In Brisbane, ours is absolutely incredible in contrast and I rely on it quite heavily. To be fair, Brisbane is a city of 2 million people, compared to 130,000 in Columbia.

A good Sunday sesh!
A good “Sunday sesh” last year

6. Drinking on a Sunday

In Australia, it is a very popular pastime to go to a bar on a Sunday afternoon and drink with friends. This, my foreign friends, is called a “Sunday sesh”. The atmosphere is always a lot more relaxed than going out on a Friday or Saturday night, but it is equally as fun – especially in summer! However, in South Carolina, this is virtually impossible. Very few bars, if any, are open and no one goes out. In fact, it is apparently illegal to sell hard liquor on a Sunday in the state, presumably for religious reasons.

 7. Having a television

I do not even watch television that much at home, but not having one in my apartment in Columbia was annoying. The main thing I missed was just being able to switch it on around 6pm and watch the news. #nerd

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