Weird Google Searches That Have Led Here

Technology is a wonderful thing. It can tell me what people search in Google that leads them to my blog. Most of them are mundane things that revolve around White House tours or other travel stuff. However, some are a bit amusing and I thought I would share them. I will probably update the list as time goes on. And yes, these are real searches by anonymous people…

“rebecca earl nud”

Excuse me, is this meant to be “rebecca earl nude”?! Should I be flattered or just assume I share my name with someone in the adult entertainment industry?

“seedy guys on tinder”

I am so pleased that my blog is associated with this. No, truly. 500+ matches later and I think I am qualified to say a thing or two about this one.

“how to find a boyfriend tinder account on the net”

Are you asking how to stalk your boyfriend and try to see whether he is trying to cheat on you through Tinder? Interesting. I think this would take a high level of swiping endurance and an unwavering degree of paranoia. Or are you just asking how to find a new boyfriend on Tinder? If so, you have come to the right place. I am a certified expert.

“aiesec boyfriend”

It seems that I blog too much about where I source my boyfriends…


Google, that is just offensive.

“i love the earl”

Okay, that is better. You may now all refer to me as “The Earl”.

“how many feathers in showgirl costumes”

Are you looking for a specific number? Ummm, I am pretty sure there is no set answer to this.

“front steps of the white house”

This is another oddly specific search. I hope it was my future husband searching for the perfect place to propose to me… You know, as I leave work after a long day of being Hillary’s Chief of Staff. A girl can dream.

“i saw obama”

This may just have been me resorting to telling Google this, as my friends are sick of hearing it.

“i keep dreaming of jfk”

I am good at many things, but interpreting the meaning of dreams is not one of them.

PS. I appreciate that Google associates all these presidential-themed searches with my tiny slice of the internet.


It also makes me happy that a person can plainly search a country (albeit, a tiny one in the middle of the Mediterranean) in Google and magically end up on my blog.

“never step foot in there again”

This is the Google search equivalent of a passive-agressive Facebook status… “Google, I am so mad at this place, but I am not telling you what place I am actually talking about. I bet you think this is directed at you. It is, bitch.”

“friendship in many years”

Because friendship right now? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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