50 Facts About Me (Part 1)

Okay, I know the proper blogging tag is to do 50 random facts – but frankly, I could not be bothered to think of that many right now. So, here are the first 25 facts about me. Quality over quantity, baby!

UPDATE: 10 months later and I have finally written the second part to this tag.

  1. I got called into the principal’s office once for posting inappropriate things on Facebook.
  2. The town of Ingham in Queensland is named after one of my relatives, William Bairstow Ingham, who was killed by cannibals in Papua New Guinea.
  3. My favourite song of all-time is ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Elton John.
  4. I have a surgical scar across the front of my neck that is hardly ever covered,
    but also hardly ever noticed.
  5. I won a ten kilogram block of chocolate in a colouring competition.
  6. It is my goal to go cage-diving with great white sharks before I turn thirty. I adore them.
  7. My school entered one of my poems into a competition at the Ekka,
    but it was deemed too controversial to display.
  8. Barack Obama and I have been in the same building twice in two different continents.
  9. The first time I ever got drunk was in France. I skipped down a driveway and fell into a bush.
  10. My political views are centre-left.
  11. I am cross-dominant. I always hold my knife and fork in the ‘wrong’ hands.
    Take me out to dinner and see for yourself.
  12. I have been to Las Vegas the same number of times that I have been to Sydney.
  13. A book shelf was literally dropped on one of my fingers once and my nail fell off.
  14. I have completed two out of the four bridge climbs in the world.
  15. I have seen Celine Dion (twice), Coldplay (twice), Elton John, James Vincent McMorrow, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Norah Jones and U2 in concert.
  16. By the end of this year, I will have been overseas ten times in ten years.
  17. I laugh a lot – often to the point of tears. If you do not make me laugh,
    you must really not be funny.
  18. This is the most thoughtful birthday present I have ever received.
  19. I have exceptional cyberstalking skills. My friends sometimes ask me to find out information about people for them. And often, I discover things I would rather not know.
  20. For my entire schooling life, I aspired to be a journalist.
  21. My pet hates are being spoken to in a condescending manner, people who cannot spell and being tickled.
  22. The first international city I ever visited was San Francisco.
  23. I have been known to cry over football – especially in State of Origin.
  24. If I could go back to Year 12, I would almost certainly join the defence force.
  25. According to Myer-Briggs, my personality type is INFJ (the rarest one), shared by both Nelson Mandela and Hitler.

And here is a photo of me from the past weekend…


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