7 Things Tinder Has Taught Me

Tinder. Everyone is on it – from the owner of one of my favourite bars to the current boyfriend of one of my school friends (scandalous!). And yes, I am now on it too. I only use Tinder to date, not to ‘hook up’, and here is what I have learnt from the experience thus far…


1. I have a ‘type’.

This has probably surprised me the most. Tinder is all about making snap judgements about people, so the physical attributes that I am instantly attracted to have truly come to light. And it turns out that my ‘type’ (for the moment, at least) is very specific and highly unusual – much to my surprise and to the amusement of my friends.  After a few glasses of wine, I will probably tell you all about it…

2. Being a law student is apparently impressive.

I always knew that law was a respectable career path, but I had no idea that it would elicit such a positive response on a place like Tinder. I seriously get told that it is impressive (or something similar) nearly every time I tell a match. Maybe the majority of men on Tinder are just in need of a cheap lawyer?

3. There are three categories of men.

All men on Tinder can fit into one of three categories, just by judging the first message they send. The first (and probably most common) category is the man that actually does not send a message at all. This is either someone that wants to see whether you message first or, let’s be honest, he just matched with you because he swipes right to anything with a vagina. The second category is the man that sends a first message that is blatantly generic. Cue the boring ‘Hi, how are you?’. It can also often involve a compliment like ‘you have beautiful eyes’ that he probably copies and pastes it into each conversation. This man is harmless, but lazy. The third category (which is my absolute favourite) is the man that tailors his first message to incorporate something to do with your pictures or bio. When this is done well, this man is probably the closest thing you are going to find to marriage material on Tinder.

tinder bio
My current Tinder bio
4. The quality of women far exceeds the quality of men.

From my extensive research (read: a drunken night at a friend’s house on his Tinder account), I can safely conclude that men have the better deal on Tinder. I was blown away at the quality of the women’s profiles that I saw on his account, given that I am developing RSI from constantly swiping left to the men on mine.

5. Be alert, not alarmed.

In joining Tinder, I was very apprehensive. I was sure I was just going to end up starring in an episode of ‘Catfish’. When the time came to give out my number and eventually meet the first guy I was really interested in, I was sure something disastrous was going to happen. But that was not the case at all. It was quite the opposite of disastrous (awww!). And, in hindsight, my paranoia made me put a lot of unwarranted pressure on the whole situation. I would go back and do things very differently. So, I have now learnt to exercise common sense and caution, but not be a completely paranoid psycho. Tinder already has enough psychos…

6. It is not just a ‘hook up’ app.

This is why I have no qualms about telling my friends (and now the whole internet!) that I am on Tinder. After using it for long enough, it is easy to see that people use Tinder for a multitude of reasons. It is definitely not all seedy. Many people, including myself, just use it for dating.  Heck, I have even seen a few businesses advertised on there!

7.  There are good guys on it.

Tinder often gets a bad wrap. And maybe, in many instances, it is deserved. However, I can honestly say that the men I have met in real life from it are pretty awesome. Yes, it takes a fair bit of patience to sift through the ‘less than awesome’ ones, but it might just be worth it. I am ever the swiping optimist…


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