5 Year Anniversary: Why I Blog

My first book
My first book

I wrote my first book in kindergarten. Well, technically, my mum might be considered a co-author because she told me how to spell some of the words. After all, I was four years old! However, I chose the blank notebook, came up with the storyline, wrote it all and illustrated it myself. It was a simple story about an adventure with some of my friends. At such an early age, this moment can probably be pinpointed as the beginning of my passion for writing. Therefore, it is little surprise that, seventeen years later, I have this blog.

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Last month marked five years since I started this blog! Wow. To be fair, I only posted on here very sporadically over the space of half of those years, but it is still crazy to think that it has existed for that long. And boy, so much has changed in my life over that period! But my love for writing has not. People often tell me that they like my blog and wish they had their own, but could not be bothered or cannot find the time. It is comments like this that truly make me realise writing is such an intrinsic part of who I am. By no means do I claim to be an amazing writer, but I find it to be so therapeutic. I have previously shared the story about how when I was diagnosed with cancer, the first thing I did when I came home from hospital was write a poem about positivity. So, I cannot imagine not having this blog as my outlet to write nowadays.

This blog has also now opened doors for me that I did not expect – beyond giving me an excuse to write something other than lengthy law essays! It has helped me in obtaining my current jobs. It has put me on the radar of newspapers. But the thing I love the most is that it has allowed me to connect with people all around the world! I receive many lovely messages, thanking me for my travel tips or providing me with advice. It is incredible to be able to connect with people by genuinely doing what I love – travelling and writing. It does not pay the bills, but who knows, maybe someday it will.

So, to everyone who visits this blog, thank you! I am touched by the fact that anyone reads my posts at all. I have not posted much lately, but I have some exciting things happening in my personal life and there will be plenty for me to write about in the coming months! Here’s to hopefully five more years of happy blogging!

Love from the girl who uses correct spelling and punctuation in all of her text messages


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