My Funniest Travel Stories

One of the best things about travelling is all of the weird and wonderful memories that you acquire along the way. I particularly love all of the funny ones. So, here are what I consider to be my six funniest travel stories… At least from the ones I can remember…

  1. Honolulu, USA – 2012. I absolutely love snorkelling. And I get very easily distracted by pretty things, including brightly-coloured fish. So, once when I was snorkelling in the stunning Hanauma Bay, I was so mesmerised by swimming alongside beautiful fish that I paid no attention to the fact that I swam into very, very shallow water. It was so shallow that I literally became completely, horizontally beached on top of coral. I was humiliatingly stranded there like a whale, until a big enough wave came to lift me off it.
  2. Las Vegas, USA – 2014. I was celebrating my 21st birthday earlier this year at XS, one of the top nightclubs in the world. There were several poles around the place and I had drunk a few Long Island ice teas, so naturally, I thought it was a good idea to start pole dancing. Maybe I have missed my calling in life as a stripper, because a guy came up to me and gave me a $20 note. Not even kidding. Though, I must not be that good, because he told me he wanted change…

    Las Vegas - Doin' my thang
    Las Vegas – Doin’ my thang
  3. Rouen, France – 2009. I studied French for eight years, but I have the worst French accent. This truly became evident when I was in the car with my French friend’s mum and I attempted to make conversation by saying a very, very basic French phrase. She turned to me and said “Sorry, I do not speak very good English.” Yes, my French was mistaken for English. I have never tried to speak it again.
  4. Monte Carlo, Monaco – 2012. It frustrates me when I travel somewhere awesome and photos are not permitted. This was the case when I visited the renown Monte Carlo casino. I really wanted a photo of the inside. And rarely do I settle for not getting what I want, so I decided to risk it and tried to sneakily take one. It turns out that I was not sneaky enough, because my friend and I instantly got chased out of there by multiple security guards, who were yelling at us. It is a pretty hilarious experience to be kicked out of one of the most glamorous locations in the world.

    Monte Carlo - This photo got me kicked out
    Monte Carlo – This photo got me kicked out
  5. Orlando, USA – 2004. This was actually terrifying at the time, but now I find it hilarious. We landed in Orlando in the middle of the night and hired a car. It was the first time my dad had ever driven in the United States and the timing was far from ideal. A hurricane had ripped through the city just days before, so many of the lights along the highway were not working. It was very dark. It was also raining very heavily. And at one point, a truck was driving head-on towards us. My parents were screaming at each other, as we realised we had been driving on the wrong side of the highway. I saw my life flash before my eyes multiple times during that car ride. But we survived, so we can now look back and laugh!
  6. Honolulu, USA – 2013. On my second trip to Hawaii, another hilarious thing happened at Hanauma Bay. Whilst we were snorkelling, the girls on the trip (myself included) hastily decided that we wanted to go shopping. We pulled our male friend, Nick, out of the water and rushed to catch the bus. In the process, Nick unknowingly dropped his shirt along the way. He was forced to ride the bus shirtless. Even though Hawaii has a very ‘hang loose’ attitude, he still got plenty of stares and he was upset that he lost a shirt he really liked. He continually blamed his sister for rushing him. What I failed to tell anyone until only very recently was that I actually saw where he dropped the shirt. I failed to pick it up because I was not 100% sure it belonged to him at the time. I lived with that guilt for one and a half years before admitting to it. The hilarity of the situation cannot be adequately conveyed through text. I am laughing so hard typing this…

    Hawaii - Nick wearing his shirt before it was lost
    Hawaii – Nick wearing his beloved shirt on that fateful day

And just for good measure, here is a hideous photo of me being scared in Hawaii in 2013, as I was about to go parasailing. No one can ever say that I can not laugh at myself…


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