My Biggest Hair Blunders


For the first time in my life, I can say that I am actually happy with my hair. Hallelujah! It has been a long, tumultuous and expensive journey. To try and spare any young girls the same pain (and also because I love poking fun at myself), I have decided to share my five biggest hair blunders to date. Please sit back and enjoy.

1. When I cut my own hair

This is probably the most universal hair mistake and it obviously had to be #1 on my list! I am sure that many people succumb to experimenting with cutting their own hair as a child, but I did it as a teenager. Terrible. Due to my super impatient nature, I once got a sudden urge for a haircut and I simply could not wait to go to the hairdresser – so, I engaged in a bit of DIY. The result? See the photo below – a ridiculously short and uneven fringe. The lesson? Good haircuts come to those who wait.

broncosVtitans (1)

2. When I used only one bottle of permanent dye on my ridiculously thick hair

Again, my impatience cost me my hair dignity. In high school, I bought one bottle of permanent dye at the shops and asked my mum to dye my hair. Due to the insane thickness of my hair, my mum strongly advised me that I would need a second bottle of dye. But I wanted my hair dyed that very instant (seriously, what is wrong with me?) and we proceeded with the one bottle. The result? See the photo below – a horrifically uneven patchwork of undyed, brown and black colouring. The lesson? Mum knows best. This was a particularly costly lesson, because I had an emergency trip to my hairdresser the next day to get my hair bleached and redyed!


3. When I thought it was normal to pull my hair back as slick as possible

This was a dark (and embarrassingly long) phase in my hair life. It took me about the first seventeen years of my life for me to understand how to properly manage my thick and wavy hair. Before that, I spent many years with my hair slicked back as tight as possible into a ponytail. The result? See the photo below – the unflattering and unnecessary accentuation of the shape of my fat head. The lesson? Learn to work with what you have got. Otherwise, you will end up looking like an alien, like I did.

mother'sDay2006 008

4. When I straightened my hair for the first time

I thought getting my first hair straightener would be an absolute godsend. What I did not realise is that it actually takes a bit of practice to learn how to turn a thick, coarse mane into beautiful straight hair. I trusted my natural ability too much and thought I would be able to do this on the first day of getting my straightener. The result? See the photo below – hair similar to that of Tina Turner. The lesson? Do not try straightening your hair for the first time on a day that you have to see your entire family.

christmas2006 018

5. When I thought I could go from dark brown to blonde in a single trip to the hairdresser

One day, I had the fun (but naive) idea to turn my very dark brunette hair to blonde. So, I went to the hairdresser and asked her to work her magic, as I expected to instantly turn into Pamela Anderson. The result? See the photo below – I looked like a big blob of copper at first. The lesson? This has turned out to be the common theme for the whole post – Just be more damn patient, Rebecca! Becoming blonde takes a lot of work. It took me about a year to get to a shade of blonde I really loved.


So, there you have it! Feeling better about your own hair right now? Good. And I am sure that it is only a matter of time before I make my next hair blunder…

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