DIY: America / 4th of July Party Ideas

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently had my America-themed 21st birthday party. There was a huge amount of preparation (mostly on the part of my amazing/crafty mother) in executing this theme to create the best party atmosphere possible. Here are some photos to illustrate what we did.

My mum, who truly went above and beyond for my party, made my awesome cake from scratch. The top of my cake was designed by me and printed at Bake Boss on an edible sugar sheet. My mum baked three cakes – one red, one white and one blue – and iced them together, placing the sugar sheet on top. The red, white and blue sprinkles were also purchased from Bake Boss.

The American flag stars were made from scratch by us, using this design. The roses were initially all white, but my mum dyed some of them red and blue. The American flag bunting, fan garland and Statue of Liberty cut-out stamps were purchased from Lombard. The red, white and blue 21st birthday balloons were purchased from Spotlight. The American flag balloon was a lovely gift from friends, so I am not sure where it is from.

The America theme turned out to be a fantastic choice. The red, white and blue colour scheme created a strong visual effect and there was a huge scope for costume ideas. I will certainly be tempted to host a 4th of July party in the future, considering the huge amount of decorations I now have!

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