DIY: Las Vegas Showgirl Costume

My Las Vegas Showgirl Costume
My Las Vegas Showgirl Costume

My 21st birthday party was on Saturday night. And, of course, it had an America theme, as I jet off to the United States in a few days to celebrate the actual day of my birthday in Las Vegas this weekend. After months of preparation (and basically buying every red, white and blue decoration in Brisbane), the party was fantastic. I had such a wonderful time with my closest family and friends.

All of the guests made a huge effort with their costumes, which I really appreciated. I went as a Las Vegas showgirl. Many people asked me where I got my costume, so I thought I would share this information on here, as it may help out people who are looking for a similar costume idea in the future. I know that I personally relied on other blogs in the preparation for mine.

I actually made the headdress myself and here is what I bought to do so.

  • visor – $12.92 (from Big W)
  • peacock feather pad – $10.95 (from Spotlight)
  • 0.5m of rhinestone band – $8.99 (from Spotlight)
  • 4 long sword peacock feathers – $7.50 (from eBay, including delivery)
  • 5 black ostrich plume feathers – $7 (from eBay, including delivery)
  • 0.5m of black sequin fabric – $6.50 (from Spotlight)
The materials to make the headdress
The materials to make the headdress

In total, the headdress cost me $53.86 to buy all of the materials. A hot glue gun and scissors were also necessary, but I had these at home already. In the photo above, there are also a packet of small clear gems and a packet of colourful feathers, but I did not end up using these.

Sequined fabric glued on the visor
Sequin fabric glued on the visor

The visor, when worn with the brim facing upwards, serves as the backboard to the feathers. I got this clever idea from Project Me Happy. It saves having to create a wire-framed headdress, like the ones that actual showgirls wear. I was unable to locate a black visor, so I simply bought a pink one and covered it with the black sequin fabric, securing it with the hot glue. Then it was just a matter of gluing on the feathers – the large ostrich plume feathers first, followed by the sword peacock feathers. The peacock feather pad was glued on afterwards, as the showpiece for the headdress. Finally, the rhinestone band was stuck around the circumference of the visor. Whilst it was a bit fiddly gluing the feathers on with a hot glue gun, it did not take very long and worked out exactly how I wanted it in the end! I was so happy with the result!


In terms of the main clothing I wore with the headdress, I bought the following:

  • lace bustier – $31.50 (fromĀ Target)
  • black adult tutu – $10 (from Stacks)

The peacock theme of the headdress was inspired by the colour of the lace bustier, which was the first thing I bought. I also wore fishnet stockings, black heels and glitzy jewellery to complete the look.

Making my own headdress was an extremely rewarding experience and my costume came together perfectly. I would definitely recommend this as a DIY project for anyone!

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