DIY: Flower Crown for $5

photo 1Spring is finally upon us (for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, anyway)! I could not be happier because I adore warm weather. As a lover of all things spring and summer, I am also a fan of the flower crown trend. They are so beautiful. However, I have been looking in shops and have not been able to find one with which I am totally happy. I personally hate headbands with elastic, so it was hard to find ones without it. Instead, I decided to make some myself! It was surprisingly simple and very cheap. There are ample tutorials on the internet for how to make them. Considering that flower crowns cost a minimum of $20 each at the shops, I was ecstatic to make some exactly how I wanted and at a much cheaper price. So I have decided to share it here!

DSC_8292Here is a list of what I bought.

  • 6 plastic headbands – $4
    (from Cosmetics Plus)
  • 4 bunches of fake flowers – $9
    (from Stacks and Dollars and Sense)
  • 1 sheet of white felt – $1.20
    (from Riot)
  • 1 roll of 4m white ribbon – $2
    (from Dollars and Sense)

photo 2Everything I bought cost  $16.20 in total and there are enough materials to make at least three flower crowns – that means they only cost $5.40 each! I have only made two so far. To put them together, scissors and a glue gun are also needed, both of which I already had at home. It is just a matter of wrapping the ribbon around the full length of the headband, using the glue gun to glue it in place at both ends. Then, cut any stem off the flowers and glue them into the desired position on the headband. The glue dries quickly and will firmly keep the flowers in place. Finally, cut small circles out of the felt and glue one behind each flower. And that is all there is to it!

I would definitely recommend this as a quick DIY project for anyone looking to make an on-trend item with their own unique twist!

Flower Crown
The front and back of my two flower crowns

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